Lancaster Amish Furniture Store’s to Check Out

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Amish Furniture Stores in Lancaster, PA

      Lancaster has been the home to thousands of Amish over the past two centuries. And one of the specialties that has risen from their hard work ethic and focus on detail is Amish Furniture. It is because of this that many Amish furniture stores have sprung up all over Lancaster County making it accessible to those in the surrounding areas.

Here are 8 Amish Furniture Stores you should consider when you make your next shopping trip to Amish Country.

1. King’s Kountry Korner

King's Kountry Korner Location

King’s Kountry Korner is a small Amish Furniture store with a big heart. We have been in existence since 1989 which is now almost 30 years.

King’s Kountry Korner carries a wide range of Amish Dining Tables, Bedroom Collections, Outdoor Poly Furniture, and a host of Home Decor that will make your home a welcoming place to entertain friends and family.

King’s Kountry Korner is located in the heart of the Amish Country and is just 3/4 mile from Kitchen Kettle Village and a host of other furniture and home decor stores.

Full Disclosure: I am Mike King, the author of this blog post. My Father Raymond King own’s King’s Kountry Korner so in my opinion if you work with us at King’s you have the best chance at getting exactly what you want for a fair price.

But if for some reason you don’t find what you’re looking for at King’s Kountry Korner here are 7 other Amish Furniture stores in Lancaster that you should consider.

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Contact Info:
101 Centerville Rd, Gordonville, PA 17529, USA
PH: 717-768-3425

2. King’s Homestead


King’s Homestead is King’s Kountry Korner’s nearest neighboring Amish Furniture Store. With just a 1/4 mile between the two locations it makes for a great afternoon of shopping without the headache of driving.

The original owners of King’s Kountry Korner and King’s Homestead were closely related. So although it would seem as to be one in the same, it’s not but rather it’s two Amish Furniture Store’s in friendly competition.

One of the best reasons to stop by King’s Homestead is to try some of their delicious snacks as well as spending some relaxing time on their deck by the fishpond. Stop by, you won’t be disappointed.

Contact Info:
3518 W Newport Rd, Ronks, PA 17572, USA
PH: 717-768-7688

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3. Fisher’s Quality Furniture

Fisher's Furniture Logo

Fisher’s Quality Furniture has been crafting and selling Amish furniture here in Lancaster for over 25 years. They have Furniture to outfit your entire house if this is what you’re looking for.

One of the greatest things about Fisher’s Quality Furniture is how closely connected they are to their furniture. Almost every piece from Fisher’s is handcrafted in their own wood-shop, so customizations are a breeze at Fisher’s Quality Furniture

Fisher’s is located right in the heart of the Farmland in Lancaster. Just driving out to their Retail location/woodshop will make you feel more relaxed and at ease.

Contact Info:
3061 W Newport Rd, Ronks, PA 17572, USA
PH: 717-656-4423

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4. Snyder’s Furniture

Snyder logo

Snyder’s opened their first retail Amish furniture location in Lancaster in 1999. They have continued to grow and expand over the last 18 years. And they always have something new happening at their location.

Snyder’s Furniture is great with events so be sure to subscribe to their email list and stay involved with the happenings at Snyder’s Furniture.

Snyder’s Furniture is also just located right outside of the town of Intercourse and is a great place to stop by and see what they have to offer.

Contact Info:
3709 E Newport Rd, Gordonville, PA 17529, USA
PH: 717-768-7642

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5. Peaceful Valley Furniture

Peaceful Valley Furniture

Peaceful Valley Furniture is another old faithful in the Lancaster Amish Furniture Market. It was founded in 1996 and is still going strong. With three different locations in Lancaster you should take the time to stop by.

Peaceful Valley Furniture is serious about sending Amish Furniture from Lancaster County all over the United States. They have a robust online store, so if you’re looking for a standard simple piece of Amish Furniture this may be a good place to consider.

Contact Info:
3347 Old Philadelphia Pike, Intercourse, PA 17534, USA
PH: 717-768-0216

Here is the Link to Google Maps

6. Carriage House Furnishings

carriage house Furnishings

Carriage House is literally in the heart of the Amish Stores in Intercourse, PA. They carry a wide range of products from Amish Dining and Bedroom sets to Outdoor Furniture and Birdhouses.

Also be sure to check out their website and blog section. Elmer has done a great job of writing informative blog posts that will give you insight into Amish Furniture and much more.

Carriage House is one Place you need to be sure to stop in at on your next trip to Amish Country.

Contact Info:
3572 W Newport Rd, Intercourse, PA 17534, USA
PH: 717-768-8712

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7. King’s Acres

King's Acres

King’s Acres is another relative-owned business. The current owner’s are Caleb and Lisa Mast. Lisa a neice of Raymond who own’s King’s Kountry Korner.

King’s Acres is along Rt. 30 and is a popular place for Amish Furniture. They carry a wide variety of table sets, bedroom sets, office furniture and more.

Truly one of the hidden gems of Amish furniture in Lancaster. This is a great place to stop by when you just can’t find what you’re looking for elsewhere.

Contact Info:
2919 Lincoln Hwy, Gordonville, PA 17529, USA
PH: 717-687-7199

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8. Gish’s Furniture

Gish’s Furniture has a great slogan, “Amish Heirlooms.” They have made it their mission to supply not this generation with furniture, but also to supply the next generation with the same furniture.

Gish’s Furniture has numerous locations on the east coast. They excel with helping the customer buy the perfect furniture that they are looking for.

Their home base location is along Rt. 30 right across the road from Tanger Outlets. A great place to at least consider when buying your next piece of Amish Furniture.

Contact Info:
2191 E Lincoln Hwy, Lancaster, PA 17602, USA
PH: 717-392-6080

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9. Dutch Selections



Dutch Selections is an expanding company. After being in business for 10 years they just recently (Jan 2016)  moved to a new and upgraded building in Quarryville, which is just about 15 south of Lancaster city.

They offer a wide range of Amish Dining, Bedroom, Office, Outdoor Furniture, and even more. Being south of Lancaster city they are a great first stop for those coming from Virginia and the DC. Area.

Contact Info:
793 Lancaster Pike “Rte 272”
Quarryville PA 17566
PH: 717-284-0652

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Other Websites that You Might Find Useful

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Discover Lancaster may very well be the leading source of information for all things Lancaster PA. Whether you are looking for Amish Furniture stores, Amish Buffet Restaurants, or the hours of the every popular Sight and Sound theater this is a great resource.

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