Guide to Buying Amish Dining Table

     Buying an Amish Dining Set is a Big Investment. The process of buying an Amish Table is more in-depth than heading over to Ikea or Walmart and picking up the latest “special.” If you want to learn more, keep reading. If you want to just start checking out our tables now click the button below.

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Step 1: Choose the Table Base:

Post Leg Amish Tables

Post Leg Table Example

Without a question, leg tables are the most versatile of the Amish Dining Tables.

Leg Tables come with wood slides that can be built so that they expand long enough to seat 20 people. So if you need more space just drop in an extra leaf and you instantly have room.

Also if your table is wide enough (48+”) you can easily seat 2 people on the end.

The Table is the easiest of our tables when it comes time to move them around, either to the new house or to the next room. In just a few minutes the Legs can be removed and the table is ready to move.

Cleaning the floor around a leg table is a breeze.

If there is a drawback of the Leg Table it is that it may not be the most formal of Tables.

However, recently with the addition of “Heavy” and ornate Table like in the Tuscany Table, we are seeing a resurgence of formality in Leg Tables.

When it comes to the Money and Budget question Leg Tables are hard to beat and provide the greatest “Bang for your Buck.” Because of using less wood this instantly helps keep the price of leg tables very reasonable.

Single Pedestal Amish Tables 

Wheatland Single Pedestal Table

The Single Pedestal Table is move often used for 36-54″ Solid Top Round Tables. If the base is quite large you can put in 1 or 2 leaves.

However one thing to remember with a Single Pedestal table is that it will be a bit unstable if you extend the table top too far.

This is a great choice of Amish Dining Table for the small kitchen nook or quaint dining area.

Double Pedestal Amish Tables

Madison Double Pedestal Dining Table

The Double Pedestal Tables have been a standard item in the Amish Furniture world for the last 30 years. The Double Pedestal table is also quite versatile and easy to use. Typical widths are 42″-48″ Wide and 60″-72″ in Length plus most tables have the ability to add up to 4- 12″ leaves as well.
A Double Pedestal Table can look great in a formal Foyer that has plenty of space, or by choosing a different style Pedestal it can work just as well in a Country Farmhouse.

Our most expensive tables we have to offer are placed on a Pedestal Base. But the price is largely dependent on the Wood Choice, the Table Size, and the amount of detail in the Table. So if you’re drawn to a Pedestal Table you should go with because the Pedestal Tables will definitely become heirlooms.

Trestle Amish Tables

Williamsburg Table Trestle

Trestle Tables have been around for thousands of years. The trestle table design is a style that is wide reaching and can be used for many different dining rooms. Whether your style is Mission, Classic, or Rustic we can build a Trestle table for you.
Trestle Tables come with gear slides which makes it easy for a single person to add more leaves to the table. One of the downsides of the Trestle Base is that it can be more difficult to clean around depending on how near the ground the “stretcher” is.
If you are a family who moves every year or so this table may not be the best fit for you. Typically Trestle tables come with assembled bases and are quite heavy so for this reason you will want to move the table as rarely as possible.
The Trestle Table is often used as a Statement Piece. With a bit of thought into the design you will have a table that you love and that your friends will “Awe” over.


Step 2: Choose the Table Size

The second step when choosing your Dream Amish Table for your room makeover is the table size.

Is this a kitchen table for just 2 or a Dining Table for the Whole Family at Thanksgiving time that needs to have the option to seat 16?

Do you want a table that makes a statement with its size or a table that fits perfectly in your small beautiful kitchen?

These are the questions you need to answer when looking at Amish Dining Tables and our questions we will talk about on your next visit to our Lancaster or Burgettstown location.

Our Most popular size and the one we recommend for the average Dining Rooms is a 42″x 66″ table with an additional 2 or 4 Self-Storing Leaves, (So no more running to the Closet for the additional leaves) 🙂

 Step 3: Choose the Table Top Design

The next step when buying Amish Dining Furniture is to decide how you want the Table Top to look. You have many options to choose from.

You can choose the “normal” rectangle or a the common round top. Or you can branch out and try to boat shape that looks a bit like a boat or the concave which will help give more walking room at the sides of the table.

Check out the Drawings Below to see which style will fit your needs the best!

Step 4: Choose the Wood Species

Choosing the perfect Hard-wood species can be a confusing matter but it doesn’t need to be that way.

From a budget perspective, Oak and Brown Maple are often the preferred woods.

When going for a high end and super trendy look Cherry can be a good option, albeit more expensive.

And if you need a super hardwood that gives a Mission look, then Quarter-Sawn White Oak is always a good choice.

For more in-depth information head on over to the Wood-Species page to learn more.

Step 5: Choose the Edge Profile

Choosing the edge profile is a great way to make the final customizing touch on your new Amish Dining Table. Check out the options below


Step 6: Let us Know Your Budget

Yup, the money part. From sourcing the best of hardwoods, and doing much of the work by hand here in the USA, Amish Dining Tables are not the cheapest furniture to be found.

However, I believe you would be hard pressed to find the style options, customizations, and the hard-wood furniture at prices this reasonable anywhere else.

At King’s our Amish Dining sets start at about $1200 for a super simple basic kitchen table to about $2500-$3500 for the average Dining Room set, and then $5000-$10,000 for full formal Amish Dining Room Sets.

If you let us know your design preferences and your budget we can often find something that will work well for You.