Is It Time for An Upgrade?

The Dream:

Imagine this, sitting around the table with your family just enjoying each other’s presence and the great Holiday Food.

The Normal Reality:


However, all to often you find yourself sitting at the kitchen table that has 20 years of use and shows it, and a wide assortment of chairs you picked up at the flea market. Old broken and ugly furniture is ruining your chances for rest and relaxation for both you, your family, and your friends.

You spend an a lot of time in your Dining Room, Bedroom, and in general your house. Doesn’t this mean you should make it more than just survivable? Rather, your home should be a place that you love to be at. And that other people love as well.

Let’s Talk:

We too hate ugly, and depressing furniture. Which is why at King’s Amish Furniture we do our best to help you create rooms and spaces that you love! 
Here are 4 simple steps to buying the furniture you will love.

  1. Dream of your Perfect Space
  2. We will Work Together to Create a Plan
  3. Order the Furniture
  4. Take Delivery and Enjoy the Furniture for Years to Come

And 3 Agreements we Make with you

  1. Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed
  2. We Price Match (You won’t get ripped off)
  3. The First 100 miles of Delivery are on us

The Result:

A Beautiful Space!

Thousands of people have gotten rid of outdated furniture and upgraded to new High Quality Amish Made Furniture.  Here are a two examples of recent deliveries.

Delivery to New York
Delivery to Philadelphia

Next Steps:

Now it’s your turn.  It’s time to change. Is it the year to redo your Bedroom or to redo your Dining Room? Or is it even something else. Whatever it is we would love to talk with you and help you get the furniture of your dreams.